Sunday, December 27, 2009

Don't Blog Drunk

I have a rule. Don't blog drunk. Except tonight. Morren and Wareen Blukausli are in town and silliness ensues. Or is that the Blutauskies? Platouskies? Tim, we miss you.

We are celebrating Festivus. There is much airing of grievances. Next year I think we'll celebrate Kwanzaa or perhaps Hanukkah. Perhaps Kwanukka. 12 days of home made gifts. The Bro or Manziere is a good gift.

Apparently they want to sell my gently used Swedish furniture. The is a Borgensctupher for sale. Anyone want it? This is not to be confused with a Borgenstoofer which they make Morren's feet itch.

That's all for tonight. More tomorrow.


  1. I had to correct the capitalization of 'Borgenstoofer' to endure that it the common borgenstoofer is not confused with the proper Borgenstoofer - similar to the difference between beans and Reindeer.

    Note that 'beans' is not capitalized.

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