Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Making my Wife a Bit Happier

No, this isn't about buying her Swedish furniture. In fact this blog has nothing to to do with Swedish furniture. It's about is finding a forum in which I can ramble on about nothing in particular.

Today I found out that all my yackety-yacking has been irritating my wife. I endlessly blather about annoying TV commercials, proper capitalization of pronouns in reference to God, the effective use of behaviorism to influence our children and the seemingly endless election contest between Coleman and Franken. It's not a new realization, but not one I wanted to admit. I thought I was the most interesting person west of the Potomac. Or perhaps the Rhine. I'm starting to think it may have been a river in Egypt. Did I mention that I blather?

So, here's my solution. Instead of turning her mind into mush with verbal diarrhea, I'll unleash my worst on you and everyone else on this planet.

Save her sanity and destroy the world. A cunning plan if you ask me.

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